Last Supper of San Marco
Cenacolo di San Marco

The Last Supper of San Marco by Domenico Ghirlandaio



Domenico di Tommaso Bigordi called Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449 Florence- 1494 Florence) was one of the most popular Florentine artists of his time. But he also had considerable skill in the management of complex compositions and a certain grandeur of conception that sometimes hints at the High Renaissance.

The fresco showing "L'ultima Cena" (The Last Supper), recently restored, is located in an area close to the Foresteria (guest-quarters). This area was designed to host the most important guests in a separate hall from the Big Refectory, which was reserved for the friars.

The theme, already treated by Andrea del Castagno in Sant'Apollonia, is clearly expressed here, with formal elegance. There are, however, many allusive symbols, very precisely described, in a realism based on the main texts of Flemish art in Florence, such as the "Trittico Portinari" by Hugo Van Der Goes.

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