Bardini Museum
Museo Bardini

Collection of old chests


The museum is situated in a fine building refurbished by Stefano Bardini at the end of the 18th century and donated by its owner to the Muicipal Administration of Florence in 1922. Bardini was a famous art dealer who collected objects of different periods and of high quality. Even the building itself is remakrable for its use of doors, windows and mouldings of old fragments originally belonging to ruined churches and villas. The ceilings are magnificent examples of Venetian and Tuscan woodwork ranging from the 15th to the 17th centuries.

The collection comprises sculptures, paintings, furniture pieces, ceramic pieces, tapestries but also fragments of the old centre of Florence, salvaged before its destruction. All these items are displayed on the ground and the first floors according to a layout that fully reflects the character of a typically private collection, with the touch of a rather suggestive setting. In addition to Roman sacrophagi, capitals, Roman and Gothic relief work, there are also other remarkable examples like the work of the Della Robbia brothers (15th and 16th century), works attributed to Donatello and to Nino or Giovanni Pisano, in addition to the famous "Charity" by Tino di Camaino (c. 1280-1337).

The most outstanding painting of the collection is perhaps St. Michael Archangel by Antonio Del Pollaiolo (1431-1498), although there are many other precious works among the collections of weapons, 15th century polychrome stuccoes and wooden sculpture. The collection of old musical instruments is also worth a visit.

The second floor of the building exhibits the Corsi collection that comprises some works from the 12th to the 19th centuries, donated by Mrs. Carobbi, the widow of Corsi, in 1938.


After long and accurate restorations work aimed at re-establishing the configuration which its founder, the antiquarian Stefano Bardini, had originally given the exhibition. Stefano Bardini trained as a painter, became famous as a restorer and put together a collection of artwork with the love and passion for the Renaissance. Thanks to him, the keenness for Renaissance architectural decorations, for stucco sculptures and terracotta sculptures was rediscovered.
The original decorations of the rooms of the present-day Museum, which was actually the antiques showroom in Bardini’s times, can now be enjoyed. On account of its uniqueness, the blue color employed was imitated by many, including Jacquemart-Andrè in Paris and Isabella Stewart in Boston.


Sculptures room
Antonio del Pollaiolo
St. Michael Archangelo
Madonna della Mela (carved wood)

Bernardo Daddi
This striking crucifix is the largest in Florence, 4,76 x 4,20 meters.
According to experts should be the crucifix disappeared from the cathedral of Florence in the mid of the 15th century.

Tino da Camaino
The Charity
1311 - 1323
Wooden sculpture of a lady
14th century
Sculptures room
Armor room
Andrea della Robbia - Glazed terracotta
Madonna with Child and Angels
Jar in terracotta - Montelupo manufactury
18th century
Armor room
Head of dragon coming from a ship
Couple of lions coming from Lucca
13th century

Wild boar fountain in bronze (nickname Porcellino)
made by Pietro Tacca, pupil of Giambologna, in 1612

A copy is under the Loggia del Mercato Nuovo near Palazzo Vecchio.
Tourists visiting the city have always had the habit of touching the snout of the worldwide famous boar, as it is said to bring good luck. It is probably one of the most famous statue of Florence. Copies can be found in Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, USA.

Lion - Florentine workshop
19th century

This lion was on the facade of Palazzo Vecchio for about 100 years (PICTURE / replaced with a similar because too damaged).
Head of Herme
Greek era
Head of a young man
Roman era

Frames room
Collection of representations of Madonna and Child

Armor room
Sword collection
Armor room
Dagger collection
Armor room
Speas collection
Frames room
Frames room

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